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Rolf Körner GmbH was founded in 1982 and is an experienced manufacturer of wire mesh cloths, filter discs and converted elements of wire cloths. Development and design, own tool construction, manufacture and distribution – all coming from the same source.

The wire cloths from our own weaving mills are available as rolled goods or as a ready-made filter elements. We manufacture according to customer’s specification in almost unlimited variety, from unique element to large-scale production. Our product range is manifold: wire cloths as rolled goods or pre-cut parts, discs and screens, filter belts, filter cylinders, filter cartridges / filter candles, conical strainers and customized products.

We have an extensive stock of wire cloths in current standards and are therefore able to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirement.


  • 1982 establishment of the Rolf Körner GmbH as a trading company in Niederzier
  • 1986 Construction of the first company building and start of further processing of wire cloths
  • 1995 new building of the company headquarter
  • 1996 acquisition of the majority stake in a Czech wire weaving mill
  • 1996 acquisition of the majority holding in czech. wire weaving mill
  • 2000 take over of Czech wire weaving mill
  • 2000 acquisition of Drahtweberei Pausa GmbH
  • 2004 Entry of Otto Sandmeyer into the general managment
  • 2004 opening of an production in China PRC for purchasing and quality assurance
  • 2005 foundation Joint Venture JADE MICRO MESH CO.,LTD in Anping / China
  • 2006 establishment of the Rolf Koerner L.L.C. in Charlotte/USA
  • 2007 building of a new warehouse with 2300 m2 in Niederzier
  • 2008 expansion of production capacity in Niederzier
  • 2013 Commencement of a new production facility of approx. 6500 qm in Anping/China.
  • 2014 Expansion of sales and warehouse capacity at Rolf Koerner LLC in Charlotte / USA
  • 2020 Entry of Dr. Carsten Körner into the general management
  • 2022 Entry of Patrick Anthony into the general management
  • 2022 Anniversary, 40 years Rolf Körner GmbH

Our service

  • Flexible manufacturing at high quality level
  • Design and manufacturing according to your requests
  • Production of unique specimens and manufacturing of small quantities
  • Serial production